Doctrine of Signatures

2023, NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, NY

I keep my secrets from everyone, even from myself
Fiberglass-reinforced gypsum cement, polystyrene, stoneware, paper pulp, concrete pigment, wax, latex tubing, IV bag, oil of milk, soil, tulips
42” x 45” x 33”
The sensation of touch is a refusal
Fiberglass-reinforced gypsum cement, polystyrene, concrete pigment, stainless steel grab bar, soil, tulips
62” x 16” x 33”
Stoneware, paper pulp, wax, stainless steel chain, grow lamp, ocean-polished stones from the coast of Maine
28” x 9” x 23”
Silk printed with photo collage of artist’s acne, medical curtain track and hardware
93" x 55" x 43"
The tulips should be behind bars like dangerous animals
Stoneware, oil paint, linseed oil, stainless steel chain, grow lamp, soil, tulips
28.5” x 8” x 22”
Signature: October 2022 Chicago
Cast aluminum and metal bracket
13.5" x 4" x 3.25"
Signature: April 2022 Philadelphia
Cast aluminum and metal bracket
10.5" x 3.5" x 3.75"