Nicki Cherry (b. 1992, West Lafayette, Indiana) is an artist living and working in Queens, New York. Cherry received her MFA from Yale School of Art and her BA from The University of Chicago.

Through a combination of bodily forms and found or fabricated objects, Cherry’s sculptures act as a conduit to navigate the enormous range of feelings our bodies bring about—failure, fragility, discomfort, emboldenment, awkwardness, and aspiration. She uses rubber tubing, cast wax flowers, plants, blown glass objects, steel skeletons, and other objects to use as prosthetics for her cement and fiberglass forms.

She has exhibited her work nationally in a variety of galleries and artist-run spaces, including Icebox Project Space (Philadelphia), Archer Beach Haus, the Reva David Logan Center for the Arts, Slate Arts and Performance (Chicago), and Green Gallery (New Haven). In 2014, she completed a summer residency at Tyler School of Art.


nicki.cherry.studio@gmail.com • Instagram

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